Welcome to the Community Amateur Sport Clubs Advisory Service
Association of Community Amateur Sports Clubs & Community Interest Fundraisers (ACASC / ACIF) CIC Comp. No: 6800135 / CIC No: No: 3743
Providing Grass Roots Solutions For Community Sport


ACASC was established in January of 2009 as a CIC (i.e. not-for-profit) Community Interest Company and Association. We are also members of (LARIA) the Local Areas Research Institute.

We do try to think 'out of the box' and some of our work for CASC clubs has been groundbreaking. We have championed the interests of individual clubs on many occasions with HMRC and various Local Authorities. Our clients come from many sports types.

As an association, we evolved from a service called Club Charity, which was established in 2008, providing Gift Aid advisory and donations services for sports clubs.

ACASC represents a network of pooled information, usually gathered from local legal, accounting and sports management professionals throughout the UK. We have helped and advised club management on every aspect of running (or becoming) a Community Amateur Sports Club.

As a not-for-profit Association, we are also able to work closely with Local Authorities throughout the UK in advising clubs locally.