2013 Consultation Findings & 2015 Guidelines & ACASC
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Consultation Findings

Community Amateur Sports Clubs of all types are currently studying the CASC Consultation findings released in November 2013. During the HMRC Consultation period it was quite clear that HMRC wishe to bring significantly more clubs into the scheme. As a result, CASC Registered clubs can now enjoy some extremely attractive financial concessions, including Gift Aid on individual donations and Tax Relief on donations from commercial company donors that support a club. This is called Corporate or Company Gift Aid.

As a result of our brief Consultation Response to HMRC we were invited to attend the Consultation in Westminster in person. We are pleased that in 2014 Corporate Gift Aid (and donations from Club Trading Companies) will also benefit clubs, which was the principal suggestion in our response document. (More Details)

Unsurprisingly, high turnover clubs need to tread very carefully. Golf clubs in particular were singled out as potential 'players of the tax system.' Does your club run the risk of being accused of this?

Having analysed the findings of HMRC, ACASC now recommend that clubs take pre-emptive action to clearly establish their community credentials by working with us. Clubs that HMRC feel no longer fit the new scheme, may be offered a de-registration amnesty during 2015-16. The vast majority however, will be compelled to remain within the scheme. So clubs should begin to take corrective steps to make good shortcomings and weaknesses immediately.

David Wilkinson & Michael Martin of ACASC

There is no blanket solution to problems.
Each CASC needs to prepare itself independently.