CASC Assure

During the course of 2020-21, we have received a significant number of requests for help dealing with Energy & Water companies. Clubs have discovered that they have been overcharged on their bills or placed on an inappropriate tariff. Some energy companies will stonewall enquiries & complaints from CASCs and this is particualrly worrying when it comes to refunds etc. We have now developed CASC Assure as a specialist service to help clubs in dealing with energy & water companies on all levels. More Detailed Information - Click Here

CCL Refunds

Climate Change Levy (CCL) is an Energy Tax designed to encourage businesses to reduce energy consumption. It applies to supplies of electricity, natural gas supplied by a gas utility, petroleum and hydrocarbon gas in a liquid state and solid fuels. Your club can use CASC Assure to obtain refunds of CCL charges and Vat where applicable. This is done for no charge and you can also have your current tariffs checked for errors at the same time.
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CASC Energy

Energy Management can be defined as ‘systematic use of management techniques, processes and tools to improve the energy performance of an organisation’. This process incorporates all aspects of business energy – including energy procurement, usage and monitoring. Effective energy management helps improve efficiencies, reduces cost and improves sustainability. Read this article to help your club reduce your energy costs. The article is directed at CASCs and is not related to solar heating etc. Your club can talk to providers that are sympathetic to the CASC energy needs.
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CASC Water

After reviewing various water contracts across the CASC community, CASC Assure have found that billing and consumption are often indifferent. This is due to suppliers assuming, without evidence, that a large proportion of the water inputted to a club returns to the sewer. It is the best interest of the supplier to assume a higher amount, therefore the term Return To Sewer (RTS) allowance was coined. This article is available to all interested clubs.
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