Attaining the Benchmark Standard - Community Clubs - Charities & Academies

Advisory Services for Clubs

Following the publication of new CASC Guidelines in November 2013, and the Passing of Royal Assent to the Finance Bill on July 17th 2014 we are now able to offer Community Clubs a special advisory service. This can help the club reach a Benchmark Standard as a CASC, Charity or Academy, enabling it to feel assured that it is compliant with the new rules. Clubs that attain the Standard will be confident that the benefits and advantages they enjoy, are unlikely to suffer setback through financial penalties, restricted rate relief, suspension or compulsory de-registration.

Clubs enjoying vital rate relief would most benefit from this service, which will:-

1. Assist the club (or its representatives) in interpreting the new accounting requirements towards reaching compliance.
This is not necessarily a complicated procedure and need not be expensive
2. Compare and monitor the club’s ongoing performance with similar sports in the local area i.e. County/District level
3. Analyse potential relationships with other local community groups to maximise use of club facilities
4. Support the club in its application for additional local reliefs and grants in a way that is most likely to bring success
5. Contact HMRC on behalf of the club to discuss matters ‘in principle’ or anonymously on behalf of the club.
(We have done this many times in matters ranging from Employment contracts to complex Gift Aid claims.)
6. Mediate where necessary between the club and Local Authority officers
7. Introduce clubs to local Corporate Donors prepared to support clubs who have reached the Benchmark Standard.
Some potential donor businesses have indicated concern that some clubs may not yet be up to high Community standard.
8. Explore new ways in which the club can attract Business Donors.   More details >>