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Association of Community Amateur Sports Clubs & Community Interest Fundraisers (ACASC / ACIF) CIC Comp. No: 6800135 / CIC No: No: 3743
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Working Towards CASC Compliance & Registration With HMRC

As an independent Not-for-profit Association and CIC (Community Interest Company) we were invited to contribute our views in 2013 at the CASC Consultation meeting in Westminster.

Following the subsequent issue of 2015 CASC Guidelines from HMRC, we became able to offer Not-for-profit clubs a special advisory service towards attaining a Benchmark Standard before applying for CASC registration.

There is no blanket formula to achieving compliance and each club has to comply with the new rules on an individual basis, thus making it very difficult for many clubs managed by volunteers. Accurate guidance is unlikely to come solely from 'in house' or from a single source. Community Amateur Sport is certainly not just a financial accounting exercise and when considering CASC registration, many clubs wish to acquire an overview of requirements needed for reaching a qualifying standard.

Those clubs that work with us towards reaching a good operational standard can know with confidence that they are working realistically within the required guidelines. This in turn means that barring any unforeseen objections, their application to become registered as a CASC with HMRC, will be reasonably assured of success.

There are clear benefits to the club in getting a CASC Application right first time. More details >>