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Brief Background

Climate Change Levy (CCL) is an Energy Tax designed to encourage businesses to reduce energy consumption. It applies to supplies of electricity, natural gas supplied by a gas utility, petroleum and hydrocarbon gas in a liquid state and solid fuels.

There are various (Energy & Water) exemptions and reliefs that apply to some Community Amateur Sports Clubs as not-for-profit organisations.

Your CASC may be exempt in part or whole from the CCL tax and could claim a refund dating back several years - depending on status. Some clubs obtain substantial rebates however, regardless of the size of refund, all eligible clubs will welcome a boost to the club funds in difficult times.

All clubs can use this form however, applications from ACASC members (only) will be prioritised over other enquiries. Please complete the details on this form if you are interested in obtaining a CCL Refund.

You will receive a general CCL Fact Sheet and details of who to contact and where to begin.

Please Note: This information is available to ACASC Members only.