ACASC Directors & Club Advisors
Michael Martin CEO (Co-founder of ACASC)
Director of Member Support & Communications

As the Associationís CEO, Michael is responsible for communication with members and co-ordinating Compliance Reviews.

Michael moved from a teaching career in 1994 to pursue a career in client liaison and support, (with a particular interest in technology) where he was appointed consultant to a variety of international and home organisations.

These early duties included compiling the first online document libraries for the Royal Overseas League Club HQ in London, the Association of Golf Club Secretaries (now GCMA) and The National Golf Clubs Advisory Association.

  • ACASC is now a multi-sport advisory organisation, acting and advising Local Authorities, individual clubs and national sports oganisations on CASC issues. As we continue to develop, we express immense gratitude at the foresight of the late Michael Shaw (solicitor) and the Welsh Business Co-op who independently advised and supported us in the creation of this CASC Association in 2008/09.

    Michael Martin now specifically co-ordinates the compliance guidance provided for members who require up-to-date responses for issues affecting their organisation. He also communicates with our expert consultant specialists and various local and national authorities, on behalf of members.

    Michael supervises a wealth of data and expert opinions from advisors and business networks. This has been collated over 15 years to help Community organisations and is ideally positioned to fast-track member enquiries to obtain clear solutions from the Community specialists working for or with the Association.

    In 2004, a popular national sport advisory organisation asked Michael to devise an online transitional service to assist over 200 club members in dealing with the complex and (as then) untested new Licensing Act Legislation.

    From here he developed a keen interest in the impact of all types of national legislation affecting local organisations and clubs mainly run by volunteers.

    Michelle Parsons BA (HONS) FCCA CTA
    CASC & Charity Taxation Adviser

    After graduating from university with a first class honours degree in Business Studies, Michelle began working in industry as an accounts assistant before moving to work within a local accountancy practice.

    Whilst qualifying as a Chartered Certified Accountant in 2007 Michelle won the ACCA's gold award for achieving the highest cumulative mark in the world out of more than 6,000 entrants whilst sitting her five final exams. Since then, she has gone on to become a Chartered Tax Advisor and today works as an accountant and tax adviser supporting a number of clients in business whilst specialising in providing taxation advice.

    Michelle has joined ACASC as our tax specialist to support and guide members from an accountancy and tax perspective through the changes required to retain and acquire CASC/Charity status. Experienced in reviewing CASC accounts, negotiating with HMRC and interpreting legislation, Michelle provides valuable knowledge to support local clubs and their registration as CASCs, as well as day to day accounting requirements and taxation matters.

    Colber Adamian-Thomas MSc BEng (Hons) FAPM FCMI FIC FIHE FCIHT
    Business Liaison Consultant (ACASC / CASC Assure) January 2017

    Colber is an independent business asset optimisation specialist. He is responsible for establishing and developing commercial, investment and business opportunities for ACASC and its members through our CASC Assure Project. He also provides business advice and mentoring on business transformation and change for local sports clubs and Business Members.

    Colber is a professionally qualified engineering graduate and highly respected business post-graduate. He has over 30 yearsí experience in business, asset, infrastructure and property and has advised on over £8 billion of business assets. Over the past 20 yearsí he has established a portfolio of successful new businesses, major asset investment and development opportunities for public sector, local authority, private and third sector clients across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

    Colber is former National Council Member and Chair of the Institute of Consulting and the Institute of Business Consulting in London and a fellow in several professional bodies. He was awarded the much-coveted Panasonic Trust Award by The Royal Academy of Engineering.

    Colber enjoys supporting local business and keeps an active interest in both participating and watching sport and is ideally positioned to support ACASC members. Colber joins ACASC and LinkSport as our business advisor to develop and improve local sports clubs and businesses, attract internal investment and external funding opportunities.

    David Peter Wilkinson (Co-founder of ACASC / LinkSport)
    Director of Compliance & Community Standards

    Davidís professional background was previously involved in operating major accounts for National Companies and Government organisations involved in tendering out local authority contracts throughout the UK.

    As Managing & Finance Director and trouble-shooting consultant to a number of reputable companies and groups, he is fully conversant with negotiating on behalf of companies and individuals with Local Authority Departments and HMRC.

    David began working exclusively with the Association in its early days as a Licensing Compliance Advisory Service to sports Clubs throughout the UK from 2004. He therefore brings to ACASC LinkSport a wealth of experience particularly in creative and investigative skills, to address market requirements for the Community Sports Club within the Local Authority.

    He is very much a lateral thinker and committed to helping Communities build workable solutions for survival. He is able to innovate and create cost effective and diverse solutions with a keen interest and knowledge of complex Community compliance issues with a special focus in:

  • CASC & Charity Accounting
  • Franchise & Licensing compliance
  • Advantages of becoming a CIC (Community Interest Company)
  • Helping organisations adversely affected by trading distortions
  • Addressing Community standards that meet Local Authority legislation

    As the associationís Compliance officer, David works closely with our Tax specialists.

  • David Wilkinson & Michael Martin of ACASC

    Michelle Parsons

    Colber Adamian-Thomas

    ''Thank you for you CASC Mandatory Rate Relief Information. It is a very valuable and important service for small Clubs like ours who do not have full time specialist lawyers / accountants etc on our Committees - but we do need to keep up with evolving legislation which affects our HMRC Status.'' Chris Baker

    The Pavilion & Avenue Tennis Club - East Sussex