About The Association of Community Amateur Sports Clubs (ACASC) Est. 2009

A Brief Overview

The Association was established some 12 years ago as an independent organisation to help amateur sports clubs get to grips with CASC Legislation as required by HMRC.

We give advice and support to all types of qualifying sports clubs in attaining and maintaining CASC Compliance. The vast majority of amateur clubs (often run by a volunteer workforce) do not have easy access to CASC experts. The subject is now complex and covers several areas of legislation, which are constantly evolving and developing. For many clubs keeping up to date is a difficult task.

Kickstart Scheme - Back to Work

The Kickstart Scheme allows clubs to employ staff for free whilst also receiving a £1,500 set up grant. The Scheme is a £2 billion initiative, helping people on universal credit between ages of 16yrs-24yrs to get 6 months work experience. The DWP will pay the employee's PAYEE salary (for up to 25 hours per week) and associated NI. They will also provide support for training expenses during this period, this will be of no cost to a business. Your club can create create the job role and specify what requirements the potential candidates must meet. The job centre help match candidates to the specified job roles. Click here for more details >>

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COVID-19 CASC Survival Guidance

On April 1st 2020 ACASC will begin publishing dedicated articles for Members about the impact of COVID-19 on Amateur Sports Clubs. Our information will also provide a range of valuable survival options and strategies for clubs to consider. The purpose of this information is to take the club out of Information Isolation and provide a central starting framework to help CASCs consider their position and move forward.

The great dangers are that due to the speed of recent events, many Committee Members may also be experiencing personal difficulties themselves and may begin to struggle with their club obligations. We are therefore pleased to announce that whatever your interest or connection in Amateur Sport, we are here to help. We are only an Email or Phone Call away.

About Our Team

The advice and expertise that we give to clubs is drawn from a team of experts in Accountancy & Tax, Company Law, Charity Law & Club Management. To add to all of this, over the past several years, we have also compiled a knowledge base of information supplied direct from HMRC to clarify problems experienced by individual Association members.

Independent CASC Compliance Checking

Many clubs are rightly concerned that they may drift out of CASC Compliance over a period of time. We therefore offer a confidential Compliance Checking Service for members, which will help the club root out any potential problems. A simple compliance mistake can lead to catastrophic consequences at a future date for a club. The vast majority of errors are genuine but may not be forgiven. The tax penalties for non-compliance are substantial - as are the tax breaks for clubs. We have encountered numerous cases where a Club Committee has perhaps overlooked a key point or misunderstood HMRC Guidance in some aspect.

Help Becoming CASC Registered

Surviving in unprecedented difficult economic times as an Amateur Club usually causes Community Clubs to consider CASC Registration. It is expected that in order to make permanent the 'Non-Domestic Rate Relief Holiday' announced by the UK Government in 2020, many more clubs will now feel compelled to consider CASC Registration.

We do recommend that when a club puts in an application that they get their Application right first time - or as near as possible. Clubs should avoid a 'trial & error' approach to becoming registered as CASC because long drawn out corrections, errors & missing information could place the club in a bad light. Some may find their applications are postponed by HMRC indefinitely. Provided your club is a genuine not-for-profit organisation we can assist you in preparing your application for CASC Registration. Our CASC Registration Service for members will ensure that your club attains its goal -and in the shortest possible time if necessary.

A comment about our CASC Registration Service: "We are more than happy to recommend ACASC. As a result of your help, our CASC Registration was approved within 5 weeks. And to our delight our CASC registration was back-dated almost 3 months before we submitted our application." Ann Harper - Club Manger